Field Boundaries – A management tool

A field boundary defines how precision ag works.  While spraying a prescription, a producer sets the sprayer not to spray outside the field boundary.  It is used to analyze yield.  Having and using accurate field boundaries is essential to determining problems and developing solutions for a field.

With larger equipment becoming standard, producers are combining  the traditional smaller fields into larger blocks.  These “new” field boundaries need to be used instead of the older boundaries.  Keeping the basic information in sync with the actual production practices makes the recordkeeping and analysis much easier and simplier.

For questions and assistance contact Dennis Burns, 318-267-6709 or R.L. Frazier, 318-267-6714.


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  1. Posted by eugene Burris on March 31, 2011 at 8:48 am

    There is a lot of valuable field boundary information logged in the FSA offices that could benefit precision Ag practices;however,its not readily available or used by farmers and consultants in the NE LA regions, at least not in an official manner.

    I would like to see better interaction between those responsible for management of these data, and clearer link to FSA field boundaries with guidelines for accessibility within local FSA offices that could provide local precision Ag practitioners a chance to use official data. An error of a few acres here and there could add up to thousands of dollars lost, even in one growing season.


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